Sustainable traveling in Syöte

We at Syöte Booking Centre want to be a part of making Syöte a sustainable destination. That is one of the reasons we joined Sustainable Travel Finland (STF) programme by Visit Finland.  We joined the STF programme alongside other companies in the area, and together we aim to get the STF label for the destination.

Tourism companies and destinations that undergo the programme, need to systematically adopt sustainable practices. Companies and destinations, that meet the criteria, are recognized with the Sustainable Travel Finland label, which is a definitive symbol of commitment towards sustainable practices and principles.

Syöte booking centre was one of the first companies to be awarded the company-specific Sustainable Travel Finland label in Syöte area, and we would like to challenge others to follow our lead on this important journey!

Sustainability has been a part of our operations for a long time, and we have taken measures to minimise energy usage and consumption, the disposable culture, paper usage, and encourage others to do the same, even with small actions. We are also involved in improving the recycling opportunities in the area. We are proud to be involved in making Syöte a more responsible and sustainable destination. We want all the travellers now, and in the future, to be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of Syöte.

WWF Green Office

While undergoing the STF programme, we used the WWF Green Office model to build an environmental management system for the business, and Syöte booking centre has also been awarded the WWF Green Office environmental certificate.

The certificate is awarded to organisations that have identified their most significant environmental impacts through an assessment and established an environmental programme with objectives, measures, and indicators for continuous improvement of environmental performance.

An independent auditor assesses whether the organisation’s environmental responsibility work meets the 10 criteria set by the WWF Green Office. These criteria are related to e. g. energy efficiency, work-related traveling, recycling, and sustainability in purchases in workplace.

Our environmental promises

At Syöte Booking Centre, we promise to promote more economically, socio-culturally and environmentally sustainable tourism. With the environmental management system, we are committed to taking into account our environmental responsibility and the values and practices of sustainable development. We promote the principles of sustainable tourism as part of our everyday operations and encourage our customers and partners to do the same. We train our staff to act in accordance with our company values and environmental promise.

We favour local products and service providers, and we are committed to responsible procurement and operating methods. We minimise our waste and recycle as much as possible. We instruct the owners of the holiday homes we provide to ensure proper waste management at the properties. We also instruct and inform local customers and tourists to act in an environmentally-friendly manner. We act as an information provider in environmental issues between tourists, local operators, and the city.

Raisa Teerivaaralla 2022

Let’s travel in a sustainable way

The Syöte area and the surrounding national park and nature offer a wonderful setting for vacations and plenty of things to do for visitors and locals alike. Bringing responsible practices, services and sustainable choices into everyday activities is required in order to our region to retain its appeal in the future. Through our own activities in Syöte Booking Centre, we want to promote sustainable, high-quality tourism and serve all our customers equally and in a way that respects the environment, so that each of our customers can enjoy the unique nature of Syöte. Syöte Booking Centre strives to engage tourists in responsible consumption and tourism through various activities. All our accommodation facilities have folders with information for the travelers, such as information about biking/hiking trails, activities and services in the Syöte area. We have also included information about recycling opportunities and energy saving tips both in the folder and on a poster on the wall. This way, all tourists visiting Syöte can do ecologically sustainable choices during their trip and take some of the tips home with them!

Energy saving tips for responsible traveling

  • Turn off the lights, TV and other electronics when you don’t need them. Remove the chargers and other equipment from the power socket when they are not in use.
  • Close all windows and doors to prevent heat loss.
  • Keep the sauna on only for that time it is used. When it’s warmed up – go enjoy it, do not wait!
  • Save water by turning the tap off during the shower or when brushing teeth. Wash the dishes with a small amount of water. Turn on the washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full.
  • Heat the car for a minimum time. Two hours is enough even in the coldest wintertime.
  • Be sure to close the damper when the fire is out, this prevents the house’s warm air going up the chimney to heat the stars.
  • Prefer local products and services.
  • Travel by foot, bike or Finnish kicksledge.
  • Recycle and sort your waste, reduce the amount of food waste, and avoid overpacked products.

Sustainability is important to us in Syöte Booking Centre.

We wish that us and others in the future are able to enjoy pure Finnish nature and unique Syöte area.