Syöte Booking Centre area maps

You can print the Syöte area map and cottage area maps directly from here.

Syöte area map

Syöte cottage area maps

Tunturimajakylä, on the top of Iso-Syöte fell
Ollukka, at the base of Iso-Syöte fell
Hulhava, at the base of Iso-Syöte fell
Arola and Pytkynharju

Rokua cottage area map


You can also pre-order Syöte area maps. We will mail them to you!

  • Syöte day trails -map 5 €
  • Cross-country skiing track and winter trails -map 6 €
  • Syöte-Pudasjärvi & Kylmäluoma-Taivalkoski map 18 €
  • Water resistant map of Syöte national park 19,95 €

A handling and postage fee of 4 € / 1-3 maps or 5 € / more maps will be added to the price.